To begin, Dean Roupas’s location is in Palos, Illinois. Plus, he is a top rated tax professional. Many businesses in the Chicago area know him. Also, Dean Roupas accounting serves the surrounding suburbs! We are serving the needs of our community with honest tax and accounting services.

Small and large businesses make up the city. We are a small company. So, we make sure other small companies receive proper treatment. When stores are running smooth, this saves money. The saves go to all in Chicago.

Roupas Accounting is from Palos. The clients range from large to small businesses. And, we can handle all related needs. Thus, we have started our Chicago team to help the growing needs of customers. As our customers grow, so does their needs.

Since 2010, Roupas accounting has cared about the city. So, they are the gold example of how accounting should be. Besides, the company’s focus is on quality. Every client gets treated with grace and respect. The idea is to serve to their individual needs. For example, we use a range of software. The service gets mixed with new technology.

Currently, computers keep getting smarter. But, we still remember and follow our traditions.

Since then, much has changed with technology. It is important to remember your roots.

Roupas Experience

Firstly, at Roupas and Associates, we concentrate on tax and accounting. So, many customers are small business owners. We enjoy managing your money. Many see the value of choosing us. Also, picking our team means more time for yourself. Therefore, you can focus on running your company.


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Next, Roupas & Associates is known for being budget-friendly yet experienced. For over 25 years, this accounting firm has given friendly service to the Chicagoland area. They offer tax help and discussion.

Trust Dean Roupas to prepare your taxes. After that, you’ll have the comfort of accurate computations. Also, he is known for helping customers get quick tax refunds.



Thirdly, we have a wide range of tax services. Many companies only focus on individuals. We also focus on business owners. Also, we don’t forgot about the freelancers. All professionals are welcome to consider us for their tax needs.

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Roupas & Associates

Dean Roupas and Associates

Dean Roupas, Palos accountant, has over 25 years of accounting services. Also, this is mostly in the Chicago area. Services provided include a variety of bookkeeping & payroll service. We work beyond Quickbooks capability. So, keep your receipts together as best as possible.

We value and believe in relationships. Besides, every client relationship is like a partnership. So, we know our success is a result of your progress.

Furthermore, we commit to providing close, personal attention to our clients. We take pride in personal help comes from years of advanced training & experience. We continue to invest time and resources in professional continuing education. Our computers are state-of-the-art technology. Also, comprehensive business relationships are characteristic of our commitment to excellence.

To summarize, our goal is to form a strong expert relationship.


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To begin, we serve the accounting needs of Palos Hills, IL and the surrounding areas. So, get help to manage any home or business finances. We want to hear from you.

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Meetings shouldn’t be hard. At Roupas Accounting we use privacy in our design for security and comfort.

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Most customers not only hear from us at tax time. Therefore, enjoy having our company there for them for reporting.

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Furthermore, our counts are guaranteed. You don’t have to worry. The numbers are 100% accurate for you.

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Getting the proper refund is wanted. Often, this requires an analyst to keep up with the laws. To conclude, follow the rules.

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In Chicago, our customers voted us as a top rated trusted business. Confidence is needed, in accounting.

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